What to wear

#1 Do not match, coordinate instead

Matching clothes for a photo session is out.  Coordinating colours really bring the wardrobe together.

#2 Be comfortable in what you’re wearing

If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it may show in the photos.

#3 Express your own personal style

Makeup, hair, accessories – just be you!

#4 Plan outfits

It’s the easiest to start with 1 outfit you really love and build from there. Lay everyone’s outfits out on the bed.
This will give you a good idea if everything goes well together. Play around till you’re completely happy.

#5 Add an accessory

Why not add a hat or scarf? Have a little fun with accessories. It’s easy to create a second look with only accessories.

#6 Layers for winter

Especially during winter times – layers! Blankets, jerseys and all things cosy. This gives great dimension and depth.

#7 Flowy dresses for summer

A pretty flowing dress can make amazing photos, plus any woman looks good in a maxi dress.

#8 Keep the location in mind and dress according

Think about the colours of the location. If the location is going to be very green – do not wear too much green. Think about the feel you want to create.
Examples: Formal city session or a casual family picnic.

#9 Wear those heals!

‘Dem heals! – they can make you feel and look super sexy. If you feel the part, you’re sure to look the part.
Take along a pair of flats for walking in between locations if you want.

#10 Add patterns, but don’t overdo it

Patterns can be a great base to coordinate wardrobe colours from.
Just be careful to not overdo it. 1 or 2 pattern items are sure to be enough.

#11 Play around with textures

Denim, cotton, lace etc. Play around and see what goes well together. Textures can also express your personality.

#12 Kids – stay away from characters & fluorescents

Barney the purple dinosaur may love everyone and we’d love to love him back in the family photo session… But he won’t do a photo any justice.
Keep it simple. A pop of colour is always great, just stay clear of fluorescent colours

#13 Just be yourself and HAVE FUN!

Just have fun and be who you are! That’s when the truly beautiful photos are captured.


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss