Meet Us



I'm Charlaine Pienaar, founder and photographer at Go Urban.

My dad bought me my very first camera when I was 10. Since then I've been hooked

I studied Photography at the Central University of the Free State, starting with black and white film photography in my first year and digital photography from my 2nd to 4th year.

After obtaining my degree in photography, I worked at a photo lab and started working on my portfolio, shooting weddings over weekends.

I met my husband in Bloemfontein, we got married and now live on a farm with two beautiful children. Any mother who can work from home and raise her own children is very blessed – that’s how lucky and blessed I am.

Photography is my passion! I simply love capturing moments between people. A photograph can stir up so much emotion in each one of us. It takes you back to an exact moment in time that you will never get back again. This is why photography is so important to me. It ‘freezes’ time…and takes you back to a moment, an emotion

I believe that photography should be full of emotion, spontaneous and honest. I have a more documentary approach to photography.



This is where I tell you who I am. My name is Jean-Pierre (better known as JP) and I love making videos, Drinking Coffee, and Travelling. I’ve been making videos since 2013, and filming weddings since 2009.   
My real passion lies in creating the best work that I possibly can. Whether it is wedding films, commercial promos, or traveling films, I want to make things that strike the soul of the viewer. If I’m not feeling an emotion at the end of something I’ve made, then I’m not happy with it. 
Maybe it’s the friendliness that comes from being born and raised in Bloemfontein, or the “never met a stranger” mentality that I try to show daily, regardless I love meeting others and helping in any way that I can. Sometimes this help comes through pointing a camera in their direction and hearing their story, other times sitting down over a nice flat white coffee and discussing the finer points of life. 

I absolutely love capturing the spark/connection between people and I believe the best way to show this is for a couple to be comfortable and spontaneous,I tend to have a more cinematic documentary approach to videography.
So please, sit back and watch my latest films, leave me a comment, invite me out for coffee, and remember live a great story.